Homeschooling Made Fun With Trendy Back-to-School Supplies

We know what you’re thinking! The new normal changed a lot of things for us including arrangements about our learning setting (cue online classes) but that doesn’t mean it should include robbing us the joy of getting ourselves some back-to-school supplies and stationery too!

Below we have rounded up some finds which we think you should include to your back-to-school must-haves just because!


Did the OC in you jumped because it sure did on us as soon as we saw this product. Have fun labelling your school valuables with embossed names, categories, whatever you see, through this label maker. It doesn’t need any power plus it comes with a 2m-long tape refill. Should you run out of it, you can also purchase available tape refills in different colors here at the



One of our coping mechanisms in going through the uncertainties of this pandemic is by setting a schedule or a routine for ourselves. Set weekly goals that are attainable and visible through this weekly planner. Trust us when we say nothing beats the satisfaction of ticking things out from your to-do-list at the end of the week! Go ahead and try it.  Weekly Planner Notepad P150 



It is always healthy to vent out everything you are thinking and feeling. It could be in the form or scribbles, ramblings, and whatnot but what’s important is you release it. And we here at Trendsetter Team think journals are a safe space for it. Write down your ideas from school, topics you want to explore and read upon, anything under the sun! Make sure to pick a journal design you love too because that’s an added vibe and there are lots to choose from Craft Department’s roster.



Once again, the OC in us jumped! If you are a fan of properly labelling you notes, you definitely would enjoy these gel pens that come in 10 different colors! Bonus part is they come in a case to keep them in order and in cute designs and patterns that are oh-so-kawaii!



You read that right! Check out their limited edition pinoy-themed washi tapes which we’re told made especially for Independence Day. We know we are a little late to the party but there’s never really a boxed time frame to celebrate Pinoy Pride right?   


Raise your hand if your stationery-loving self enjoyed these finds as much as we did! Shop all things crafty here! Happy shopping!

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